Advantages of the Kilo-Fork

Trail compensation: When a telescopic fork compresses, the trail becomes continuously smaller, making the steering characteristics of the bike rather “nervous”, especially when you are braking.
As a trapezoid fork, the GA-force kilos trail can and has been modified, so a constant trail and steady steering characteristics are achieved.

The wheel trajectory curve describes the movement of the front hub during the compression of the fork. Together with the friction free bearings used in the joints of the linkage this curve is the primary reason for the ultra smooth responsive behavior of the fork. The beginning of the curve shows in the same direction in which the front wheel is forced by obstacles on the trail. This is extremely useful for absorbing high frequency impacts.

Anti-Dive-Effect: The compression of the fork during braking is avoidable through a chance of geometry of the trapezoid fork. This enables us to exactly define, at what amount of travel the anti dive effect completely compensates the acting forces.