How does the new IIAS work?

Low frequency vibrations are damped very efficiently to avoid typical pedal pogo effects. You can call it „platform damping“ known from standard oil systems without typical disadvantages like overdamping at quick and short bumps.

High frequency vibrations are damped lowly only. Especially in downhill sections or sections like washboard waves - that means short and fast bumps- it leads to optimized traction. The front wheel seems to be „connected“ to the ground.

Fast and strong bumps are damped at the end of the amplitude of one wave first with low then increased rebound damping. Because of this changing damping rate the wheel can move back to extended position without losing contact to the ground. „Flying wheel“ without traction can be avoided efficiently!

The auto-adaptive changing damping rate doesn’t end in the extensive use: It is also working while pumping air inside the shock for adjustment of spring rate for weight of the rider or changing setups for different operating conditions. With changing pressure the system is adapting damping rate also by itself!

If required you can order an additional oilshock cartridge if there is the need of lockout function! With 150gr. more the fork is still the lightest in the market!

"Really good feeling to be in first position with such a big lead!"