Compression adjust: slows down the compression using air pressure or a steel spring
Rebound: slows down the relaxation using air pressure or oil damping
Lockout: Locks the suspension fork, just like a standart fork without suspension. It is equivalent to 100% rebound damping
Remote-LO: Lever for the handlebars to control lockout
Bypass: Valve to work around lockout. For big bumps, while using lockout mode
Mounting length: Length from the central point of the axle to the beginning of the steer tube
Spring bias: Changes the stiffness of the spring under compression. For adjusting to differing driver weights with the same spring
Positive air chamber: realizes the funktionality of the steel spring
Negative air chamber: controls the breakaway torque
Oil damping: Open fluid flow within the tubes, or self contained fluid flow within a cartridge. The oil flows under pressure through a valve. This slows down the relaxation
Progression: Air stiffens more and more in the last third of travel. This works as a guard against damage. The fork offers less travel for the same impulse than in the first 2/3 of travel
Breakaway torque: Force, from which on a fork starts to compress
Setup: Adjustment of the fork to the drivers and luggage weight