The development of german: A.®

01.12.1995 – German Answer GbR is founded by Thomas Kamm and Martin Achenbach in Wölfersheim in Hessen about 35km north of Frankfurt. german: A. produces high-quality lightweight bicycle frames which are totally handmade by Italian manufacturers. Both partners have previously worked as product developers for the Specialized importer Reyschmidt & Starosta in Frankfurt with the house brand "RS-Bikes".

1997 – unfavourable procurement market conditions have eventually led to product expansion through the development of rear shocks. Being initially a solution born out of necessity, this engagement has resulted in creation of a new market segment in the field of hydro-pneumatic systems. Forks and rear shocks for quality mountain bikes are first developed and produced.

2000 marks the end of the cycle and frame production as a result of the Achenbach’s decision to leave the company (he was the one who has supervised this branch). It causes further specialization in spring / damping systems, as well as technologically related R&D projects.

2004 – electronically controlled hydraulic knee prosthesis are first developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. The medical prosthetics in combination with such engineering disciplines as hydropneumatics, drive and transmission technology represent a very interesting parallel to the chassis technologies in two wheelers.

2005 – german:A has developed one of the first electronic damping systems "Trail Tronic". Triggered by the development of an electronic prosthetic knee, the field of mechatronic systems becomes even more important for the company.

2009 A further business segment has been created in the field of mechatronic resistance transmitters for training equipment with fitness, physiotherapy and orthopedics. The acquisition of a well-established company in this industry enabled creation of a partnership based on technological relatedness and was aimed at realization of far-reaching synergy effects.

2010 – establishment of DynamiX Systems GmbH, a partner company in the field of training and therapy machines.

2010 – a further business segment in the field of e-mobility is created. Development and production of the "E-Rider" which is distributed by the long-term business partner Hartje under the brand name "Conway", gave rise to an entirely new concept of E-bikes. With a weight of 25 kg, engine power of 1.4kW and maximum speed reaching over 60 km/h the E-Rider is considered to be a benchmark in the high-performance segment.

2012 – a number of innovations in e-mobility, chassis technology and mechatronic systems has been introduced.

2015 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, german:A. sets a new world record with the new Fork Xcite "ZERO" – the german high-end manufacturer is the first one to cross the 1kg limit in the segment of mountain bike suspension forks.