Inspections of your shocks

„Maintain your shock: It’s the heart of your mountain bike”

If your shock produces “slurping” or “munching” noises, you got air in the oil system and thus the shock cannot work properly. Often this is due to old or worn out sealing. German:A provides a shock-service, where we renew sealing and oil.

The service includes in particular: Renewal of all sealing, oil change (silicon oil), new valve cartridges and new PTFE slide bearings. Additionally you receive a metal end cap with a spanner applicable to all VG 8 car valves.

Tips for Extreme All-Weather Drivers

Dirt and mud attack the surface of the shock. Every up-and-down will take a little percentage of the dirt into the shock and without inspection or service this dirt can destroy some of the most important parts of the shock.

In the case of a worn-out shock surface, which will result in the loss of air in the negative chamber, we can replace the worn out parts -unlike most competitors, cheap and quick. Using a protective coverage can prevent most of the dirt to enter the shock. Keep in mind to keep the coverage clean, because a dirty coverage will cause even more wear than no coverage.

On the basis of all the reasons above we recommend periodical service intervals, especially because sealing on spring elements is subject to wear and needs as much care as chains and pinions. You can send your spring elements with the according order, directly to us.

Unfortunately we do no longer provide service for our old A.R.C shocks (steel spring shock with a small blue wheel for adjustment). But we offer to trade-in the A.R.C., send us a request for more information.

For LRS /S:Light we do not have a service kit!
For service and maintenance you need to send it to us.

Payment via cash, prepayment per bank transfer or cash on delivery.
It will need 4-7 working days to finish your request, plus shipping time.

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